Centralized Control

From your Black Pearl Mail console, you’ll determine the look and feel for every email signature in your company – ensuring brand consistency.

From Any Device

Whether an email is sent from a desktop, tablet or smartphone – your Black Pearl Mail signature will look the same, and it will look great on any device used to view your email.

Signature Marketing

Every email sent by your organization is a mini-marketing opportunity. It can be harnessed to drive traffic to an offer, blog post, landing page, etc.

Email Insight & Data

Now you’ll know who’s opening your emails, when they open them, what links they’re clicking, and the companies they represent

Create powerful email signatures that showcase your logo, banners, promos, and social media. All recipient clicks are measurable, so you can determine what works best for your business. Black Pearl Email works with Gmail, Office 365, Outlook/Exchange and SMTP for POP/IMAP.

As a Black Pearl Email Partner we can setup Black Pearl in your environment and integrate it with your mail platform.