The Cloud Computer Company

Formerly known as Hofftek, was born out of providing innovative cloud based solutions to clients that are in a broad range of industries.

​Founded in 2001, our directors have some 30 + years in the IT industry and have worked with a who's who of Australian Corporates.​

The Cloud Computer Company are focused exclusively around Google Cloud product lines and we have developed deep expertise and experience deploying customers from all major verticals and legacy systems into the Google Cloud environment.

​We were one of the original “ Australian Google Apps Authorized Resellers,” and have been helping companies go Google since 2011.​ We have significant experience in integrating G Suite with existing IT infrastructure or in greenfield environments. We are Certified G Suite trainers and have provided training services to some of the world’s largest firms.

Our partnership with RingCentral gives us the ability to provide our clients with a world class cloud based communications platform.

The cloud partner that customers choose really matters. It amounts to picking which technology curve to bet on, and it’s a long-term bet: there's more to be had than cost savings and increased security.

Over the next five years, businesses of every kind will be transformed by smart data, analytics, machine learning and digital communications. What is going to differentiate business in the future is digital technology.

This is just the beginning.

We look forward to building this future together.


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