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The most reliable VoIP phone system available.

Every provider offers some type of assurance that no matter
what happens, customers’ phone systems will always be up and
running. There’s data centre redundancy, failover, disaster
recovery, virtual PBX…the list goes on and on. But how can you
be sure you’ll have the reliability needed?

RingCentral ensures “always-on” phone systems

Every day, RingCentral supports over 10 million minutes of calls for more than 350,000
business customers. Here’s how RingCentral goes beyond baseline hosting technologies—
such as data centre redundancy—that are required to deliver reliability, so customers are
“always on.”

99.999% service availability

Five nines of reliability (99.999%) is the highest benchmark of system availability
for business critical systems, networks, and software required by banking and other
transaction-intensive industries. When customers choose RingCentral, they get
the same high-quality service level. In technical terms, RingCentral’s data centres provide
three layers of failover redundancy that minimise service interruption in case of
geographic outages or natural disasters. RingCentral’s systems are also located in the
same facilities as all major telecommunications carriers to maintain the fastest response
times and interconnect services possible.

Enterprise platform with over 10 years of R&D

Unlike other service providers, who licence their platform,
RingCentral has developed its own custom platform built on
more than a decade of R&D, providing more control over
uptime. It’s uniquely suited for business class voice, fax, and
message communication. This is a powerful advantage that
enables us to control service quality and reliability without
relying on a third party for foundation VoIP telecom

Proactive network monitoring

To avoid service problems, RingCentral continuously monitors
its network systems for specific conditions that require
attention. Technically speaking, it has a world-class Network
Operations Centre (NOC) monitored 24×7. Not all providers
do this, but it is one extra precautionary step RingCentral
takes to provide customers with the best service possible.

Equipped to handle 2x current capacity

Today, RingCentral’s platform is supporting hundreds of
thousands of customers and over 10 billion minutes of voice
traffic per year. It’s designed to handle 2x capacity through a
unique modular pod design. Another advantage of developing
its own platform: it offers remarkable flexibility and enables
RingCentral to seamlessly integrate additional pods as its
customer base continues to grow.

RingQuality Active Assurance™

Only RingCentral offers RingQuality Active Assurance™
(RQA). RQA is a proactive service that keeps your Quality
of Service (QoS) at the highest level possible. Through a
proven methodology, innovative software tools, and a team
of telecom experts, we can proactively identify customers
who are experiencing quality issues. Call scoring using
multiple industry standards including MOS, R-factor, jitter,
packet loss, and call failure combined with analysis of your
specific ISP, hardware, and network conditions enables our
RQA analysts to proactively identify and correct potential
service quality issues.

Choose RingCentral

As more and more businesses embrace the flexibility and
cost savings that cloud business phone solutions offer,
savvy buyers are choosing and staying with one company
over all others—RingCentral.

The Cloud Computer Company are a RingCentral partner. We invite you to demo the RingCentral platform for yourself.

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