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What App’s have access to Gmail, and how to remove them.

This week there has been a whole run of stories from major news sites warning that Gmail is allowing many 3rd party app’s to read your email. The Sydney Morning Herald’s article and similar from all the major players in the media, has set off a whole lot of calls, emails and text messages to our office this week about invasions of privacy and data security.


You can read Google’s reply to this here. The whole thing is a bunch of, well, crap! Must have been a slow news day. Google does collect a fair amount of information and data about us, especially is you are using free Gmail, but don’t forget you don’t get anything for free!

If you are using some third party tools or add ins on your Gmail or Calendar, don’t forget you opted in to use them. And the terms and conditions, and what you were giving access to were plainly spelled out when you confirmed the add in’s access.

It’s not hard to check what has access to your Google account and you probably should check this every so often.

So how do I check and remove Add ins and Tools?

Go to and sign in.

Click on your avatar at the top right of the Gmail page.

Click the blue Google account button.

Top left of the next window click on sign in and security.

On the left side menu click on Apps with account access and then click on manage apps in the box that appears on the right of screen.

The 1st section displays all the 3rd party apps and tools that have access to your account. To remove any or all of them, click the app and the revoke access. Its that simple!